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Letters: Food bank system is not working

During these challenging times, it is crucial to re-evaluate and improve our food bank systems
The Guru Nanak Food Bank in North Delta. Photo submitted


During the past year, the Guru Nanak Food Bank has consistently raised questions about the effectiveness and transparency of food bank operations in B.C.

We have advocated for significant changes to ensure that donations and grants are utilized effectively to support the growing number of individuals relying on food banks.

In an open letter sent to the Prime Minister last year, we outlined specific concerns and proposed ideas for creating a more efficient and accountable food bank system. The recent findings by Food Banks Canada validate our concerns, highlighting that Food Banks BC and its associated systems have failed to deliver millions of dollars in donations and grants where they are most needed.

Key issues identified include the lack of a review system, absence of audits, and insufficient complaint mechanisms. Additionally, the system does not adequately consider community feedback, such as Google reviews and other forms of public input. These deficiencies have led to widespread inefficiencies and a failure to meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

We call upon Food Banks Canada, as the umbrella organization at the federal level, to address these issues directly with Food Banks BC. It is imperative that a thorough review and restructuring take place to ensure accountability and transparency within the system.

As a community-based food bank in North Delta, the Guru Nanak Food Bank has demonstrated resilience and capability in addressing food insecurity. In April 2024 alone, we served 18,635 recipients without any support from provincial or federal governments. Our success shows that with proper support and resources, we can achieve even more.

During these challenging times, it is crucial to re-evaluate and improve our food bank systems. We urge both provincial and federal governments to collaborate with community-based organizations like ours to find permanent solutions to food insecurity. Our goal is to create a future where food banks are no longer necessary because all individuals have reliable access to the food they need.

Guru Nanak Food Bank/North Delta