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Letters: Proposed OCP is a step in the right direction

We urge Delta to strive for a people-oriented approach to urban planning.
delta bc city council chamber
A public hearing on Delta's OCP is on Monday, April 22 at 3 p.m. at City Hall.


Something needs to be done to allow Delta to flourish with a variety of residents, from all ages, stages of life, socioeconomic backgrounds and professions.

The proposed Official Community Plan is a step in the right direction. We are very excited to see up to four to six units per property in all residential areas as per B.C.’s guidelines. This, in our opinion, is the best and most needed change for Delta. All neighbourhoods, not just town centres, sharing in the growth of our city and welcoming new neighbours. These changes offer homeowners greater autonomy and play a crucial role in addressing our housing crisis by promoting small scale densification across the city.

We would also like to applaud the concept of re-legalizing residential “local commercial uses” to bring back more homeowner operated cafe’s, corner stores and services. Examples like the Beach Grove Cafe spring to mind; local gems that are woven into our neighbourhoods and routines, that would not be allowed to open under current zoning.

Revitalising our town centres and bringing new residents to shop, eat and recreate will bring vitality and warmth to Delta. We are excited to see mixed-use development proposed to put land to good use, for people and commerce. Surrounded by so many natural resources, we must build creatively and yes, up in some places, to meet the needs of our growing city. Creative ideas for limited land.

Imminent action is required to address the housing needs of our city. We urge Delta to strive for a people-oriented approach to urban planning.

Deltans for People-Oriented Places