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Letters: Stand up and oppose LNG expansion

Let your MLA and council know you have serious safety concerns.
Fortis has expansion plans for its LNG facility in Tilbury.


Few people are aware of the extent of the serious nature of expansion plans for the LNG facility at Tilbury.

FortisBC has two separate proposals for the LNG terminal at Tilbury island. Both proposals have applications under review for the Environmental Assessment act.

The first application is to increase production ten-fold. This increase calls for the construction of a storage tank with more than seven times the size of the current capacity.

The second application is for the construction of a jetty into the Fraser River. This jetty would serve LNG tankers brought in to export the LNG from B.C.-produced, fracked methane gas. These proposals have massive and dangerous implications for our communities.

The Tilbury facility has never been fully reviewed under the appropriate environmental assessment act. A facility of the proposed magnitude presents major environmental issues that threaten the Fraser River and our communities. In order to facilitate export of BC LNG our governments are turning a blind eye to these issues.

This terminal has not been built to international safety standards. The industry group SIGTTO strongly recommends against siting LNG plants in populated areas, narrow inland waterways and anywhere near airports. U.S. siting regulations actually legally prohibit such locations.

Worse yet, the Tilbury LNG terminal is located directly across the river from the jet fuel tank facility that can hold 80 million liters of highly combustible fuel. The dangers this proximity presents are very real. A minor human mistake could precipitate a disaster of enormous proportions.

There are many more financial, safety and environmental considerations the public needs to be aware of. For more information follow this link to.

The city of Richmond has opposed these proposals. Let your MLA and council know you have serious safety concerns. Stand up for your community!

Peter van der Velden