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Letters: Why are taxpayers paying for this?

Re: Overpass repair costs increase (Optimist, Nov. 23)
Final repairs to the damaged Hwy. 17A overpass will be completed in the New Year.


Re: Overpass repair costs increase (Optimist, Nov. 23)

As I read that repair costs have increased to $1.7 million, I am struck by the concept that this should be an insurance claim against the trucker’s insurance.

This would solve two issues, the first being relieving local taxpayers of the cost of repair, but more importantly going a long way to solving the rash of over-height vehicle accidents that we’ve witnessed this year.

After paying out a couple of these large claims, ICBC would be upping the premiums of these companies/drivers far more than the paltry $500 fine levied under the HTA. Also shifting the enforcement of costs to ICBC has the added advantage of avoiding possible court costs and freeing up police resources.

So why are we paying for this?

Denis Bridger