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Make referendum binding

Editor: Re: Hodgins wants public to have say, Sept.


Re: Hodgins wants public to have say, Sept. 14

Is Sean Hodgins saying he supports a binding referendum, as many of us have been requesting for the past two years? Or does he just want his supporters to speak out at public forums that not all of us have the time to attend?

After wasting the public's time and money on nonbinding public forums, the mayor claims: "There is no public consensus on this issue."

How could she possibly know that without a binding referendum? I suspect she may not favour the outcome.

She appears to support referendums when the mood suits her. From The Province of July 17: "For Jackson, the TransLink plan fails to consider the needs of people living in Metro Vancouver - and she said several mayors have suggested that municipalities... should put a general referendum question on the ballot for the November election. It would certainly give people the opportunity to cast their thoughts," she said, adding the vote would not be binding but would give mayors a sense of public opinion.

A binding referendum would constitute a public consensus.

A non-binding referendum would be a continuation of the process we've already been through - a lot of hot air with the deepest pockets getting the loudest voice.

If the mayor and Hodgins are so intent on finding public consensus, why are they so afraid of a valid consensus via a binding referendum?

Jerald Smoliak

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