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Sponsored Content launches a world-first!

The world’s first agent-centred real estate network

Vancouver, British Columbia, 14 June 2021. With 70% year-on-year growth, helped more than 16 million Canadians begin their next real estate adventures over the past year alone.

But now REW wants to transform the way real estate is done – by putting people back at the heart of it. And their first step in achieving this ambition was their 1 June launch of the world’s first agent-centred real estate network: REW.One.

“Technology shouldn’t seek to strip away personality or flatten the field to the lowest common denominator. It should highlight, enhance, augment and ultimately celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of an industry. Only then can people who are just as diverse find the professional who ‘just gets them’ - or the house that’s ‘just right’.”
Simon Bray, President  / REW

REW.One is the culmination of a vision to make meaningful connections between the individuals who lie at the heart of real estate. The platform combines a truly personal view of real estate professionals with unique consumer trend insights in a world-class digital experience worthy of the market. 

Launched via “Day One”, a livestream special event, thousands of REW.One Profiles and One Accounts have since been activated, allowing homeseekers to genuinely connect with the people behind the agent profile pictures, and providing those agents with unrivalled access to market information - in real-time.

The representation of agents online hasn’t evolved - every profile looks the same. Yet, portals are where the vast majority of connections are made. So how can agents differentiate themselves?

This is why REW.One was created – to capture, share and promote the unrecognized work and accomplishments of successful agents to an audience of homeseekers actively searching to find the “right” agent. It is unlike any product agents use today, and delivers unmatched value when it comes to building an agent’s brand, reaching an audience that matters, and creating quality connections with their markets.  

“REW.One is all of our best efforts concentrated into one, power-packed product. It’s designed to be an agent’s most valuable marketing asset, connecting them directly to the millions of homeseekers out there right now.

We truly believe that REW.One is the future of the Canadian real estate industry – and we’re just getting started.”
Allen Moon, VP / REW Platform

Anyone can publish online to everyone. But the market is hungry for someone to make real estate personal again. And for REW, it’s definitely personal.


In addition to the images attached, more information about REW.One is available at Here’s a link to the “Day One” special event. I hope that you enjoy the presentation - it’s less than 20mins, and we put our little hearts into it – however, we’re actively looking at ways we can improve and give people like you what they need to tell these stories.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, or you would like to set something up with one of the CREW, please let me know at [email protected] and I’ll get right into it. Thank you for reading.


Adventurously yours,

Justin R. Melville, VP / REW Experience