Bespoke tailor offers custom suiting with an emphasis on service and community

Inder Dhami and his wife Deepika were inspired to start Suited With I.D., their bespoke suit business in Surrey, after seeing an opportunity for custom solutions that blend Western and Eastern fashion styles. They were also looking for a way to contribute to their local community. Starting their own business allowed them to do both.

“Even traditional suit stores that offer customization are limited in what they can offer. With us, you get an opportunity to choose every detail, from pockets, lapels, buttons, to the inner lining to create a truly original piece. We call it The Million Dollar Look, without the big price tag,” Dhami says.

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Suited With I.D. provides the finest quality of bespoke suits and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as traditional Indian outfits for men. With over 1,000 fabrics to choose from including wool, linen cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk, and more, customers can create the style of their dreams.

“We invite our clients to bring in a photo of any style they have in mind. We have a lot of people who come to us who are inspired by something an actor is wearing in a magazine or an award show. We will create something similar to it while adding a little original flare for personal customization,” Dhami says.

Along with focusing on high-quality clothing, Dhami emphasizes Suited With I.D.’s commitment to excellent customer service.

“Not only do we offer bespoke custom suits, we also pride ourselves in bespoke client service. In the past I have purchased formal suits for myself and was surprised not to receive any follow up from the seller. I would have happily shared my feedback,” Dhami says.

Suited With I.D. stays connected with their clients after the sale to ensure full satisfaction and to collect client feedback in order to tailor their own services.

Suited With I.D. customers can expect to take their time as they are guided through the process of choosing their fabric and fit to accessories. They can also be confident that their suits will be made within the timeline set out, with rush orders available by request. They offer showroom visits by appointment only to ensure COVID-19 safety measures for all.

Both Inder and Deepika are committed to the local community and the opportunity to start their own business provided them a way to contribute to local causes they are passionate about. Since they have started their own business, they have had the opportunity to support local charity and foundation groups along the way.

“Our ability to give back to local programs is a major motivation for us and something we look to grow further. We take a great pride in supporting local food and youth programs and are very thankful for every sale we are blessed with,” Dhami says.

“Whether you know what you want or not, we can guide you in order to find the perfect suit to achieve your very own Million Dollar Look.”

To learn more about Suited with I.D. or to book a consultation, visit the showroom’s website at

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