Why golf lessons are a must for every golfer

It’s been said that the game of golf is a lot like the game of life… only more complicated.

It’s also been said that, in spite of its complexities, golf is a whole lot easier to learn.

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“Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, golf lessons are a great way to enhance your experience and make the game more fun,” says Beach Grove Golf Club’s General Manager, Richard J. Creally. “Our pro shop is staffed with excellent teaching professionals to make it easy for members of all levels to get better at the game.”  

Signing up for lessons each season should be tops on the list for any golfer, regardless of their experience or ability. At Beach Grove, lessons can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as five hours, and prices start at just $45 per person.  

“Our club is offering greatly reduced rates for lessons, including special discounts for junior players,” says Creally. “It’s part of our ongoing commitment to bring new players to the sport of golf in Metro Vancouver.”

Many clubs today have a range of professionals and offer an instructional format that’s both friendly and low-key so as not to be intimidating to those new to the sport. Like any activity, particularly those that have a strong mental component, golf can be frustrating. But it can also teach us a lot about ourselves.

“Golf can act as a kind of mirror reflecting our inner personality,” says Creally. “Learning the sport is not only satisfying, it’s potentially enlightening.”

While many assume that golf clubs are strictly for those in the higher income brackets, clubs like Beach Grove have introduced affordable fees to broaden the game’s reach.   

“Golf is not an exclusive community,” says Creally. “It’s for everyone. Our goal is to make that possible.”

Built in 1929, Beach Grove Golf Club is set in the heart of beautiful, sunny Tsawwassen. For more information about its championship course and amazingly true greens, or to find out about how to become a member, call 604-943-9381 or check out their website.

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