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Update: Canada Line track issues resolved, resuming regular service

Track issues caused heavy delays on Tuesday morning
The platforms at Bridgeport Station were full of commuters this morning due to delays caused by a mechanical issue.

Track issues at Bridgeport station caused heavy delays to commuters both heading in and out of Richmond on Tuesday morning.

However, according to TransLink's latest update, the issues have now been resolved and trains are resuming regular service.

For three hours, Canada Line trains only ran between Waterfront and YVR.

Shuttle trains and bus bridges were in place from Bridgeport to Brighouse and commuters will have to transfer at Bridgeport Station to continue their journey to either YVR or Waterfront stations.

The northbound and southbound delays began at around 7 a.m. According to a TransLink spokesperson, the delays were caused by a mechanical issue which was later resolved in the morning.