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Delta farm operations do some lot line juggling

The proposed subdivision would maintain the exiting parcel sizes
The application involves a proposed subdivision to permit a lot line adjustment between the two properties to better accommodate farming operations and resolve building encroachments. Delta Optimist file

The large-scale Windset Farms greenhouses operation in Ladner is about to get much bigger.

Planting will begin this spring on a recently completed 24-acre expansion of the current 65-acre greenhouse facility.

The company notes that, currently, the Windset Farms Santa Maria, California greenhouse facility is the largest operating single site greenhouse vegetable facility in the United States.

In 2024, Delta greenhouse facility will become the largest operating lit greenhouse vegetable facility in Western North America, utilizing renewable hydroelectric power.

Meanwhile, council recently endorsed an application by Windset Farms and its neighbour, Felix Farms, for a lot line adjustment, which has been forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for approval.

The subdivision application for properties at 4284 and 4300 River Road West would replace the existing lot line that currently runs north to south between the two properties with a new boundary running west to east between them.

A city planning department report notes that the adjustment of lot lines would resolve existing building encroachments on the northern portions of both properties.

The Guichon family, who own the 4300 River Road West Felix Farms property, would take ownership of a proposed Lot 1 and Windset Farms, the owners of 4284 River Road West, would take ownership of the proposed Lot 2.

For the Guichon family, the lot line adjustment would not only resolve longstanding building encroachments but also improve access to the site by providing new road access off 41B Street, rather than constricted access from a narrow driveway off River Road West.

The report also notes the proposed subdivision aligns with an existing Official Community Plan (OCP) policy as it maintains the existing parcel sizes, as well as supports ongoing viable and efficient agricultural uses on the land.