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Delta seawall to be repaired as long-term solution on horizon

The repairs are to be completed by Aug. 31, 2024
According to an assessment, the seawall is in a serviceable condition and most of the structure is expected to continue working for another 10 years without the need for repair. However, there are localized sections where some of the structural elements show more severe degrees of deterioration. 2021 Beach Grove Seawall Condition Assessment Report

The City of Delta has issued a request for bids to repair sections of the Beach Grove seawall.

The work involves, among other things, repair of cracks, exposed rebar and spalling.

The seawall, located along Beach Grove Road between 12 and 17 avenues and fronting Boundary Bay, is a 1.2-km-long concrete retaining wall facing the western shorefront.

Also fronting private properties, several sections of the seawall were constructed in 1968, and further wall sections were subsequently built in 1978 for an extension and flood protection.

Most of the seawall in Beach Grove is under a right-of-way, constructed under the Fraser River Flood Protection Program, and is Delta’s responsibility.

Some seawall rehabilitation work was performed in 2019, which included joint sealing between the seawall segments.

A structure condition assessment of was performed in 2021 and a subsequent routine inspection the following year.

The seawall elements were rated to be “Good” and “Fair” based on the 2021 assessment, however, the assessment found localized areas of moderate to advanced deterioration, noting repairs would be recommended for elements with major deterioration to maintain the service life of the structure.

The repairs are to be completed by Aug. 31, 2024.

Meanwhile, the city this year gathered public feedback on proposed long-term conceptual design solutions for the Beach Grove seawall.

Although various repairs have previously been completed, the Beach Grove neighbourhood remains prone to multiple flood-related hazards.

The city says with recent updates to the provincial guidelines, the existing seawall does not meet the current requirements to provide safe protection against flooding due to the wall height, wave overtopping protection and seismic requirements.

According to the city, upon adoption of a design solution, Delta will seek further funding from senior government levels to assist with the detailed design and construction of the flood protection upgrades.

The City of Delta this year received a $217,000 joint federal-provincial grant for a structural assessment and conceptual design for a higher wall.