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Wildfire risk near homes at popular Delta park to be reduced

To take place in phases, the project is part of the city's Community Wildfire Protection Plan
The project is aimed at ‘maximizing retention of dominant and co-dominant canopy trees to maintain a cool and moist understorey microclimate, where appropriate.’

The temporary trail closures at Watershed Park in North Delta will continue until mid-November.

That’s according to an update from the City of Delta as treatment is underway in areas near the residential fence line to reduce wildfire risk near houses.

The project includes falling a portion of small trees with trunks less than 12.5-centimetres in diameter, retaining larger live trees but removing trees considered a danger, pruning tree branches up to a height of three metres and removal of surface fuel.

The city hired a contract to undertake the treatment this year due to the park’s size and proximity to residential neighbourhoods. Part of Delta’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the project also involves management of vegetation along pathways and roadways in and adjacent to the popular park.

The focus is to ensure that, in the event of a fire, the intensity is low enough that fire damage is limited.

“The focus for fuel management is not necessarily to stop fire but to decrease fire behavior and to ensure that fire intensity is low enough that fire damage is limited. Fuel management near homes may prevent structure ignition due to direct flame contact. FireSmarting your home will help to reduce the risk from an ember shower,” the city’s fire department explained in a notification to area residents.

A similar project was carried out at Burns Bog.