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Grow and give back through Earthwise webinar

Earthwise is expanding the Victory Garden program in 2022 by welcoming more participants than ever.
ew swiss chard victory
Gerard van Dop, one of the victory gardeners from last year, is pictured in his garden (holding some swiss chard) along with Vivian Chung, Earthwise Society's Food Security Coordinator.

Would you like to learn more about growing food at home while giving back to the community? All you need is a space to garden and the desire to get growing organically.

The Earthwise Society Victory Garden program, which began in 2020 in response to COVID-19, provides support to help participants get their home gardens started. In return, Victory Gardeners donate a portion of their harvest to those in need through the Delta Food Coalition.

This year, Earthwise is welcoming new Victory Gardeners with a free online workshop designed to teach participants how to utilize organic and sustainable gardening practices in their own yards.

Seed-saving, organic pest control, mulching, soil care, rain barrels and water-wise gardening are some of the topics covered in this informative one-hour session. The Victory Gardening 101: Grow and Give Back webinar is open to anyone who has a keen interest in gardening, no matter the experience level. Returning Victory Gardeners are also encouraged to attend, meet new gardeners, and share their experiences.

Those interested in participating in the Victory Garden program will be given a free starter package containing a selection of seeds and an information sheet full of tips on how to help their gardens take root. Earthwise staff are available throughout the season to provide advice and support, and gardeners receive bi-weekly newsletters filled with growing tips and recipes. And of course, gardeners will benefit by enjoying the fruits of their labour and the satisfaction that comes with being able to share it.

Earthwise is expanding the Victory Garden program in 2022 by welcoming more participants than ever and connecting them with each other to build a supportive and interactive community. This year’s program will include regular check-ins and group meetings, both virtual and in person, to provide Victory Gardeners with more opportunities to interact, share tips and celebrate their successes.

Victory Gardens 101: Grow and Give Back will take place over Zoom next Saturday, March 5 from 11 a.m. to noon. To register, email [email protected].