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Delta throwback: Deltassist

Deltassist has over 50 years of service for the Delta community
Rev. R.G.A. Morrison, one of the founding members of Deltassist, presents an automatic telephone answering machine to one of the group’s coordinators. The device was donated by the Ladner and East Delta United churches.

Let’s head back to Nov. 24, 1972, when a newly formed community information and assistance service organization held an open house to mark its official opening.

The ceremonies for Deltassist were held at the group’s premises at 4910 Delta St., formerly the court room of the old police building.

A spokesperson for Deltassist said the society had been formerly organized and the first group of volunteers trained.

The spokesperson said they were “most encouraged” by the response they received and it was instrumental in helping them get underway.

Rev. R.G.A. Morrison, president and one of the founders, said that although Deltassist had not done any publicity, it was receiving an average of 10-to-15 calls per day.