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Delta throwback: Racers were a drag

A few drivers were caught and hauled into court
Reeve Clarence Taylor said police had been having trouble with young people speeding on the mile-long stretch.

Let’s head back to June 1964 when the municipality was having trouble with young people drag racing on Annacis Island.

It was reported that at one point, they closed the highway to Island workers by re-routing it, so they could have the road to themselves.

Noting police were having a hard time stopping the activity, Reeve Clarence Taylor said some of the dragstrip racers thought they had permission to use the road for themselves.

“Boys from wealthy families race there,"  said councillor Harold Savage, adding boys from as far away as Washington State were taking part in the activity.

“These speed cars are built carefully for the job by the boys themselves. It’s youth and the need for excitement,” he said.

If police stayed on the side of the road to catch the racers, the culprits would simply outwait the law.

Council decided to post 60 km/h speed signs and speed humps.