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Delta throwback: Grabbing some Pic-A-Pop

Customers could mix and match their favorite flavours in a case
By 1974, Pic-A-Pop had 15 different flavours.

Let’s head back to January of 1974 when the grand opening was celebrated for the Pic-A-Pop plant on 104th Avenue in Surrey.

Owned and operated by Valley Distributors Ltd., Pic-A-Pop was introduced to B.C for the first time.

Starting three years earlier in Winnipeg as a family cash-and-carry bottling operation, Pic-A-Pop spread quickly across Canada and was about to enter the U.S. market.

The bottling plant in Surrey was to keep building costs to a minimum, thus reflecting the price of the product for the customer.

The prices were low because customers were to assist with the work. They filled their own case with a wide selection of flavours and wheeled them to the check out stand. Their $2 deposit on a case of bottles was fully refundable.

The product was available for sale at the plant as well as Fraser Valley Buckerfield’s locations, including Chisholm Street in Ladner.

The Pic-A-Pop brand lasted until the mid-1990’s and it was revived briefly in 2005. It has since been brought back again with a new owner.