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Delta Throwback: Lots of players at Ladner Lanes

The bowling alley was located at the Ladner Shopping Centre and open seven days a week
Displaying good form, Marilyn Ferring at the time this photo was taken had already scored a 722 three-game total. She was also an instructor offering advice to newcomers and novices. Delta Optimist file

Let’s head back to September 1971 when Ladner Lanes was busy with league bowling and also provided experts to offer advice on the game.

The bowling alley at the time had over 700 people involved each week in league bowling.

Because of the amount of people involved in leagues, those wanting to participate were encouraged to join quickly as existing vacancies filled up fast.

That season, it was reported that a better pin fall was expected following resurfacing of the alleys and installation of new pins. Even more high scoring games were expected as a result.

“Certainly joining one of these leagues is a good way to meet people in the area while enjoying the benefits of good exercise and relaxation,” the Optimist reported.