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Delta throwback: The derby winner

The second annual Tsawwassen Sun Festival in 1973 was hailed as a resounding success in terms of attendance, participation and size
Ken Savage (right) was the soap box derby champion that year.

Let’s head back to the August 1973 pages of the Optimist to check out the winner of the second annual Tsawwassen 500 Soapbox Derby.

Lorne Hope, president of the Tsawwassen Business Association and president of Delta Datsun Ltd., (left) congratulates Ken Savage, the grand champion of the event held on the English Bluff hill.

More than 500 people lined the street to watch the derby, one of many events in the five-day Sun Festival.

Savage’s kart was sponsored by Delta Datsun.

The Sun Festival also included a trade fair, beauty pageant, a Queen’s Ball and, of course, a Bavarian beer garden.