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Delta throwback: Own one of these back in the day?

Based in Japan, Lloyd’s Electronics International was created in the 1970s
The console enabled people to use controllers to play several sports games with a little white square, either a puck or ball depending on the game, always moving forward.

Let’s head back to September 1976 when Fisher’s United Pharmacy on Elliott Street in Ladner had a big back to school sale. Customers could also fill out an entry form to win one of the most popular video gaming systems at the time, a Lloyd’s “TV Sports Game”.

Years before the Atari 2600 would burst onto the scene and change the video gaming market, the Lloyd’s system was like others that became a household staples back in the 70s, featuring such games as tennis, hockey, squash and handball.

Operating on Channels 3 or 4, it was an affordable and “handsomely designed” console that could be on to, or up to 18 feet away, from a TV set.

The pharmacy was giving away 40 of the prizes.