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Delta throwback: Seeing Sesame Street

It’s hard to find an adult nowadays who didn’t watch the show at some point as a kid
The groundbreaking show premiered in November 1969, produced the Children's Television Workshop.

Let’s head back to the April 1970 pages of the Optimist when an article ran that Delta Cable viewers were beginning to view a highly acclaimed hour-long series for preschoolers.

Premiering the previous November on public television in the U.S., Sesame Street was also to begin airing on CBC Television in the fall of 1970.

Knowlton Nash, Director of Information Programs for the CBC’ s English network, in announcing the purchase of the 26-week, Monday to Friday series, termed it as “a breath-taking new concept in educational television.”

The most revolutionary aspect of the series, which attempted to prepare children for the learning process, was the imaginative use of techniques better known in the production of commercials and prime time comedy shows, said Nash.

The timing in the series also took into account youngsters’ attention span, he added.

Locally, the series began airing on Channel 9, from 11:30 12:30 p.m. daily.