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Delta throwback: What will happen at the Seven Seas site?

The Elliott Street Wharf and the Seven Seas sites are envisioned as helping to draw the public to Chisholm Street
The waterfront revitalization strategy included repurposing of the Seven Seas site's existing foundation for outdoor events.

Let’s head back to the 1970s to check out the Seven Seas Fish Company on Chisholm Street on the Ladner Village waterfront.

Jim Heras operated the business starting in 1975.

The site has been owned by Delta for a number of years, but remained vacant. The building was torn down a year ago to become a public open space.

City council last year approved a contract for a consulting team to help shape the Ladner Waterfront Public Lands Development Strategy and Chisholm Street Reconfiguration project, a site redevelopment strategy and concept for the revitalization of Delta-owned lands along the waterfront.

It was one of the key recommendations by the Ladner Village Renewal Advisory Committee.

The Delta-owned sites in the area are viewed as an important catalyst to encourage redevelopment in Ladner Village and the harbour.

Mayor George Harvie, at a recent council meeting, suggested a formal structure be added to the Seven Seas site.

The idea will be discussed at a council business plan workshop in the coming months.