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Here's the expense limit for Delta municipal election candidates

The expense limits for candidates vary depending on the municipality
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Elections BC is advising candidates to be aware of campaign financing and advertising rules for the 2022 municipal elections.

Delta pales in comparison to its bigger neighbours when it comes to the newest municipal elections expense limits.

Elections BC says all mayoralty, council and school board candidates have expense limits that apply during the campaign period, which for the 2022 local election is from Sept. 17 to Oct. 15.

Each election area and office has its own limit, which is based on the population of the election area. The limits apply not only to the 2022 general local elections but also all subsequent by-elections.

In the City of Delta, mayoralty candidates must not spend more than $74,430, while council candidates are limited to spending $37,708 and school board trustee candidates are capped at $37,277.

Meanwhile, Richmond mayoralty candidates are to spend no more than $138,932 and council candidates are capped at $69,808.

In Surrey, mayoralty candidates have a spending limit of $219,193 and council candidates are limited to $113,418.

Donations from individuals in the local municipal elections in B.C. are capped at $1,250. Those donating also must live in B.C. and be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Third-party sponsors that endorse candidates for council also face limits, depending on the community. For mayor and council in the City of Delta, it’s $3,721.

Some of the new campaign and financing rules for the 2022 municipal election include elector organizations having to register with Elections BC to endorse a candidate, receive a campaign contribution or incur an election expense.

During the pre-campaign period beginning on July 18, 2022, third party advertising rules apply, while all election advertising during the pre-campaign period must include an authorization statement.

In the 2018 election, newly elected Mayor George Harvie and his Achieving for Delta slate, by far, received the most in contributions, including sizable donations made just prior to new campaign finance rules that went into effect the previous fall, according to Elections BC.

The Achieving for Delta slate received $291,860 in total campaign contributions for its 2018 election campaign. It listed total expenses at $272,450.