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Holiday appeal at Reach Society supports counselling

Reach holiday appeal supports their counselling program this year
Reach holiday appeal
Reach counsellor Yvonne McKenna helps a young client at Reach Society. Photo courtesy Reach Child and Youth Development Society

Already vulnerable populations are experiencing increased mental health concerns as the pandemic enters its 10th month and the holiday season.

Reach Child and Youth Development Society offers counselling services to families in Reach programs and to other families in Delta and to other families who have a child with special needs but may not be a client.

“Due to COVID-19 there is increased anxiety and stress so counselling sessions are needed more than ever, whether they are done by video or phone,” said Reach counsellor Yvonne McKenna. “Reach is continuing sessions with caregivers, children and teens as before and remote sessions are possible and effective.”

Parents and children receiving this support from Reach report that counselling has proven a lifeline in the uncertainty of 2020. With heightened provincial pandemic safety measures in place until Jan. 8, 2021, virtual sessions continue to be very important.

“Having the video sessions as an option has brought some stability to my child during this period of social distancing,” said a Reach parent of a seven-year-old boy. “The super helpful calming tips and activities learned during the online sessions have helped ease his anxiety and allowed him to feel like a regular kid again.”

Reach holiday appeal supports their counselling program this year.

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