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How to provide some Christmas cheer to seniors in care

Rick’s Foundation will once again be collecting greeting cards at the Tsawwassen Springs Festival of Lights
Festival of Lights 2
Christmas cards for seniors in care can once again be dropped off at Rick's Heart Foundation tree at the fourth annual Tsawwassen Springs Festival of Lights that is now underway.

Seniors in care will receive messages of love and support again this year by way of redirected Christmas cards.

Rick’s Heart Foundation is putting up a tree at the Tsawwassen Springs Festival of Lights.

Beside that tree will be a bin to collect generalized Christmas cards that people receive from various companies or charities.

Upon receiving those cards, people can write messages of support and Christmas wishes for seniors in care and then drop those cards into the Christmas Cards For Seniors bin beside Rick’s Heart Foundation’s tree.

The cards do not need to have personal information on them and they are not delivered to specific individuals, so they do not need to have a specific sender or recipient.

Instead, just warm holiday messages for seniors who may be lonely and isolated, are needed.

Cards will be collected up until Dec. 20. The campaign has been going for three years now and last year, more than 500 cards were donated.