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Improvements coming to Ladner area park

Construction is to commence as soon as possible after the contract is awarded
The enlarged parking lot is part of a new a master plan that features other general park improvements. City of Delta image

The City of Delta has issued a request for bids for the construction of a new, expanded parking lot at Ladner’s Cromie Park.

The project at the 42B Avenue site includes the removal of the existing parking lot and gravel field structure and the installation of the new asphalt lot.

The project will also include new bioswale, curbs and gutters. A new storm sewer will also be installed with manholes, catch basins and lawn basins.

New parking lot lighting will also be installed.

Additional off-site work includes a new concrete sidewalk complete with curb and trench paving.

It’s all part of a new a master plan that features other general park improvements at the site.

The city says the existing path connection to Ladner Elementary will be retained.

Meanwhile, the city several weeks ago said it will investigate further noise strategies for pickleball courts at the park, which were installed in 2020.

Council received a letter from a concerned resident, along with a petition with almost 20 names, asking for the pickleball courts at the park to be removed.

Staff noted the B.C. Recreation and Parks Association recently released newly developed provincial guidelines to inform municipal noise mitigation strategies as a first step in the process of pickleball guideline development in B.C.

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department told the Optimist there are some acoustic dampening products that may be viable, including some that are similar to a windscreen that is in place around the Cromie courts, but with sound-dampening qualities. However, further evaluation is needed.

On another front, there’s still no word when a proposed new, enclosed baseball training facility at the park will receive a final go-ahead and get constructed.

The facility would be situated at the southern edge of the park, between the existing baseball diamond and the current all-weather field.