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Increasing concern over Ladner neighbourhood traffic volumes, speeds

City council concerned about increased speeding in the Marina Gardens neighbourhood
admiral way traffic calming
Delta's engineering department notes that the installation of speed cushions within the 30 km/h school zone on Admiral Boulevard is to increase compliance with the posted speed limit and to help demarcate the school zone.

The city is going to undertake more measures to slow drivers down on Admiral Boulevard in Ladner.

Council last week agreed with engineering department recommendations to install speed cushions within the 30 km/h school zones on the roadway and that vehicles with boat trailers be restricted from parking on the south side of Admiral Way between Ferry Road and Admiral Boulevard.

The city will also design a full traffic signal at the intersection of Ferry Road and River Road, which will be included in the 2022 capital plan.

A staff report notes residents living in the Marina Gardens neighbourhood have conveyed concerns about an increase in traffic volume and speeds, in particular, in the Neilson Grove Elementary school zone.

Last year, at the request of residents and Neilson Grove's Parents Advisory Committee, a number of mitigation measures were implemented to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety along Admiral Boulevard fronting the school, including an advanced pedestrian walk signal at the intersection of Admiral Boulevard and River Road.

The school zone north of Admiral Lane was extended to slow southbound traffic approaching the raised pedestrian crosswalk at Commodore Drive, while a median fence was installed along Admiral Boulevard.

Following the implementation of the traffic and pedestrian safety improvements in 2020, residents continued to raise concerns about traffic volumes and speeds along Admiral Boulevard, the report notes, adding staff conducted an assessment of traffic and parking in the neighbourhood and identified additional measures.

A follow-up survey indicated that the majority of respondents were in favour of proceeding with the proposed measures.

During council's discussion, concern was expressed about increased speeding in the Marina Gardens neighbourhood, and it was agreed that additional traffic calming measures should be considered.

Noting a petition had been submitted calling for additional measures, Coun. Lois Jackson said police can't be monitoring the area all the time.

Mayor George Harvie said he's been in the area frequently over the past year and he's “totally shocked” by the speed of vehicles.

A new crossing to replace the George Massey Tunnel will, hopefully, result in a new exit roadway for Ladner, he said.

“In this case, we really need to watch this because with the number of people living in that area, the number of people walking, the number of kids going to the school, we need to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep that traffic calmed. And, unfortunately, the worst offenders are the people that live there,” he added.