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More safety improvements coming for Delta roadway

The enhancements are to improve pedestrian safety and maintain higher compliance with the posted speed limit
The stretch of Wade Road just off 64 Avenue.

The City of Delta will undertake additional traffic calming measures on Wade Road in North Delta in attempt to slow down traffic.

As part of the Sunshine Hills/Cougar Canyon neighbourhood traffic calming plan approved by council in 2004, a series of traffic calming devices were constructed along the road.

In 2014, additional traffic safety measures were undertaken to improve traffic safety adjacent to Wade Road Park, including the installation of oversized playground zone signs, expanding the 30 km/h playground zone, as well as the construction of a new set of speed cushions, situated on the south side of the park.

The city’s new Transportation Advisory Committee this year discussed additional requests for traffic calming.

An engineering department report notes that, given the concerns raised by an area resident last fall, staff identified opportunities to provide pedestrian safety benefits by increasing pedestrian visibility and improving compliance with the posted speed limit.

The improvements will include a raised pedestrian crosswalk in front of Wade Road Park and upgrading the existing at grade pedestrian crosswalk at Nicholson Road to a raised crosswalk.

As well, median mounted delineator posts and painted median islands at all intersections along Wade Road will be implemented.

The measures will serve to visually narrow the roadway with an anticipated reduction in speeds, the report notes.

The estimated cost of the improvements is $30,000.