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Previously defeated Ladner townhouse plan resurfaces

The proposed development is not consistent with the uses or density permitted under the current designations
A Delta report three years ago when an earlier townhouse development was proposed noted that among the concerns of residents was traffic congestion at the intersections of 57th Street and Ladner Trunk Road and 57th Street and 48B Avenue. Sandor Gyarmati photo

Another proposal has come forward for a townhouse development at a Ladner site where a previous application was rejected due to a technicality.

A recent report to council on new Official Community (OCP) amendment applications includes an application, which is at the preliminary stage, to consolidate properties 4876, 4888, 4896, 4906, 4918, 4928 and 4938 57th St. to build a 40-unit, three-storey townhouse development.

The almost 70,000-square-foot site is located one block to the north of Ladner Trunk Road.

To undergo staff review, the development would see the existing seven, single-family houses demolished and the site rezoned to higher density.

The current designation for the site is one and two-unit residential, which is intended for single-detached housing of low urban density, including homes on large and conventional-sized lots and comprehensively planned subdivisions.

A previous application for a 40-unit, three-storey townhouse development for the site was submitted four years ago, but council denied the application following a public hearing in February 2020.

A staff report at the time noted that while the current land use designations for the properties are for single-detached dwellings, there are many existing multi-unit residential developments surrounding the site, which are largely designated residential ground-oriented, and some of which are three or more storeys.

Additionally, the townhouse proposal complied with the broader objectives of the Ladner Area Plan related to allowing a mix of infill housing in various forms and densities within, adjacent to and outside of Ladner Village, according to the report.

Among the concerns of residents during public consultation was existing congestion at the intersections of 57th Street and Ladner Trunk Road and 57th Street and 48B Avenue.

The applicant, Maple Leaf Homes Ltd., had a traffic impact assessment done, which concluded that the intersections at 57th Street and Ladner Trunk Road, which is signalized, and at 57 Street and 48B Avenue, which is unsignalized, would function within acceptable service levels.

Staff will initiate a public consultation process for the latest proposal.