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Safety review could bring changes to Delta roadway

Any measures by the city will likely go out to the public for feedback
This September, the driver of this pickup truck crashed into a parked car at the intersection of 47A Avenue and Delta Street, across the street from the offices of the Delta Optimist. He walked away uninjured.

Road safety measures could be implemented for an avenue in Ladner that was scene of a pair of recent motor vehicle collisions.

The city’s engineering department in October launched a review of 47A Avenue following the incidents, resulting in heavy vehicle damage, but fortunately no injuries, which prompted safety concerns including speeds.

Engineering director Steven Lan provided an update for the Optimist this week, saying staff have reviewed ICBC claims information and traffic data including speeds and volumes along 47A Avenue from 47A Street to Delta Street.

Staff also retained a transportation consultant to provide peak hour traffic and pedestrian counts at the intersections of 47A Avenue and Delta Street, Garry Street and 48B Street.  

The engineering department anticipates the information from the transportation consultant will be completed in January. 

Staff will also be compiling the information for discussion with Delta Police at an upcoming meeting of Delta’s Transportation Technical Committee, including possible road safety measures that could be implemented along the corridor, said Lan.

The department anticipates it would seek public feedback on any proposed changes following the discussion with police.

Meanwhile, the city with the help of a consulting firm, will be conducting community engagement to obtain feedback to help develop Delta’s Vision Zero Strategy.

Vision Zero is a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a road system with no fatalities or serious injuries.

One of the key differences between Vision Zero and traditional approaches to road safety is that traffic collisions are considered preventable, viewing safety as a shared responsibility between system designers, policy makers and road users.

According to the city, the safety strategy should focus on addressing safety for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Last year, the city retained another consultant to complete a Vision Zero road safety analysis.