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“Slow Streets” made permanent for pair of Delta neighbourhoods

Concerns by residents about speeding in their neighbourhoods prompted the city to initiate the pilot programs
The pilot programs were formalized following continued community support for the speed reduction initiatives.

The City of Delta is formalizing a “Slow Streets” designation for a couple of neighbourhoods.

The designation applies to the North Delta 81A Avenue neighbourhood, which is bounded by 116th Street to the west, 118th Street to the east, 80th Avenue to the south and 82nd Avenue to the north.

It also applies to the South Delta Upland Drive neighbourhood, which is bounded by 52nd Street to the west, 53A Street to the east, Camaro Drive to the south and Upland Drive to the north.

The formalization includes, among other things, converting the four temporary speed humps along Upland Drive to permanent speed humps.

The city’s “Slow Streets” pilot programs were initiated last year to reduce speeds and enhance traffic and pedestrian safety.

Prompted by concerns by residents, the programs involved the provision of 30 km/h speed limit signs at the entrances to neighbourhoods and supplemented with the installation of speed humps.  

Additional community-based slow street signage was installed to encourage drivers to go slower and respect vulnerable road users.

A staff report notes that, moving forward, the city is reviewing opportunities to work with other communities in Delta on slow street initiatives on local roads through the work being undertaken in Delta's Vision Zero Strategy.