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Delta throwback: Delta schools in the '60s

Delta’s school district was the fastest growing in the province

Let’s go back to 1966 when Education Week was held in Delta from March 6 to 12.

Many activities included open houses and displays as parents were encouraged to “See your schools in action…Inspect examples of your child’s work…Get to know your teachers.”

The Optimist reported that in the 1964/65 school year, the district had 4,963 pupils enrolled in secondary and elementary schools combined, almost four per cent higher than the previous year.

By 1971, enrollment had climbed in Delta to almost 13,000.

Delta Reeve Clarence Taylor in 1966 was highly complimentary of the Delta School Board as it had a big task with keeping up with the rapid influx of students in the growing municipality.

“The future of Delta Municipality depends on how well the board does its job, and in this regard Delta School Board, in my opinion, stands second to none.”