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Upcoming hearing not for Ladner Village redevelopment proposal

The upcoming public hearing will not be for any specific development proposal including the one recently submitted for the property at the corner of Bridge and Elliot streets
dunbar lumber application 2
The application to redevelop the Dunbar Lumber site in Ladner Village is still in the early stages and will not be part of the upcoming public hearing regarding the Ladner Village Official Community Plan.

A recently submitted application to redevelop a corner in Ladner Village is still in the early stages of review and won’t be the subject of an upcoming public hearing.

That’s what the city’s planning department is reiterating regarding the proposal for a mixed-use building at 4989 Bridge Street and 4905 to 4915 Elliot Street, a six-storey development.

Having gathered some early council feedback and to gather public input during the notification period, the project would see 14,660-square-feet of commercial space on the ground floor, 231 parking spaces on the first and second floors and 114 residential strata units on the upper floors.

It involves consolidation of four properties, which includes the Dunbar Lumber site, as well as the closure of a lane to create the 59,180-square-foot development.

The proposal has to wind its way through the application process before going to council for consideration to advance it to a public hearing.

Meanwhile, on a separate front, a public hearing scheduled for Dec. 14 is for residents to comment on proposed changes the Official Community Plan for Ladner Village.

Having received tentative approval by council to advance the proposed amendments to a hearing, the changes, if approved, would see new design guidelines and allow more density, including higher buildings up to six storeys in certain parts of the village.

Community planning director Marcy Sangret said the upcoming hearing is not for any specific development project including the proposal by Headwaters Living Inc. for the a 114-unit mixed use building at the Dunbar Lumber site.

“Although the Ladner Area Plan bylaws under consideration would amend the land use designation for the Dunbar Lumber site to permit up to six storeys in height, the redevelopment application would still require council’s consideration of rezoning and a development permit. These applications are still at an early stage and would be subject to public consultation and council approval, including a public hearing, in future,” explained Sangret.

When the application to redevelop the Dunbar Lumber site was submitted, council endorsed the public consultation process that is still to be carried out.

The process includes public notification to all of Ladner, advisory committee referrals and eventually a public hearing.

“When council discussed the introductory report on the proposed Dunbar Lumber redevelopment on Oct. 25, it was noted by staff that the proposed Ladner Area Plan amendments for Ladner Village would be considered by council first. The outcome of council’s consideration of the Area Plan amendments will determine if the Dunbar Lumber redevelopment application requires an Official Community Plan amendment or not. Regardless, the application requires rezoning and its own public hearing at a future date, following public notification specific to that project. There are still several steps in the process prior to council making a decision on the Dunbar Lumber property rezoning and this process will carry over into 2022,” added Sangret.