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Tsawwassen Martial Arts shines at Victoria Open

Karate competition sees local athletes win more medals than the other 18 participating clubs
Karate medal winners
It was an impressive medal haul for Tsawwassen Martial Arts at the recent Victoria Open Karate Championships.

Tsawwassen Martial Arts (TMA) certainly made the most of their first out-of-club tournament.

A contingent of 15 athletes represented TMA at the June 23 weekend Victoria Open Karate Championships. An outstanding medal haul earned TMA the top club award among the 19 participating.

Every TMA competitor earned at least one medal. Sensei Laurian Lapadatu and Jonnie Broad, along with instructor Jane Weir, were extremely proud of their athletes and also thankful for the parents support and dedication which made the trip possible.

Here is rundown of the medal winners:

Kroes DeDecker: Gold (Kumite), Bronze (Kata).

Ariana Lidder: Silver (Kumite), Silver (Kata).

Aryan Lidder: Silver (Kumite), Silver (Kata).

Cooper Maxwell: Gold (Kumite), Silver (Kata).

Chase DeDecker: Gold (Kumite), Bronze (Kata).

Jane Weir: Silver (Kumite), Silver (Kata).

Jonnie Broad: Silver (Kumite).

Noah Larsen: Silver (Kumite), Silver (Kata).

Nate Larsen: Gold (Kumite), Gold (Kata).

Emily Lapadatu: Gold (Kumite),Silver (Kata).

Donald Jorgenson: Gold (Kumite), Gold (Kata).

Emily Montgomery: Silver (Kumite), Gold (Kata).

Nate Larsen: Gold (Kumite), Gold (Kata).

Amelia Jorgenson: Gold (Kumite), Gold (Kata).

Grayson Montgomery: Bronze (Kumite), Bronze (Kata).

Camden Louie: Bronze (Kata).