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Letters: Disappointed with biased column

If 40 years of previous councils have “failed" to “revitalize” Ladner village maybe they didn’t fail.
ladner village delta street
Ladner Village


Disappointed but not at all surprised at the bias so blatant in Ian Jacques Editor’s Note (Dec. 2, 2021). If such an opinion piece had run during an election cycle the Optimist would have had to register with elections BC.

Let me paraphrase Jacques’ point in case you missed it: “Don’t worry folks, it’s only the thin edge of the wedge here. No six story retailer/condo development to see…yet.”. I also couldn’t help but note the defacto council member/editor’s use of the word “us” when trying to be “clear” on what the Dec. 14 public hearing was about. No, the Dec. 14 “hearing" is not a vote on approving a six storey development - that comes later, trust me). It is a public hearing (ever notice they never call it a public listening?) on proposed changes for the OCP for Ladner Village.

In my opinion, this is merely requisite lip service in the Harvie/Kruger/McDonald plan to serve the developers that contribute to their election war chests. The editor refers to the infallible committee that was designed by Harvie et al and staffed with hand-picked developer proxies. Just follow the money. Yes Mr. Jacques, the committee did do their “homework" as only politicians can. They know which side of their bread is buttered and apparently so do you. You talk about protections for existing heritage buildings which will likely remain as little more than facades tucked in and around six storey condo/retail complexes, sad reminders of not only what our “village” once was, but what it could have been.

If 40 years of previous councils have “failed" to “revitalize” Ladner village maybe they didn’t fail. Maybe they said no to the money and opted to preserve the quaint charm and humble character of our village.

Ronn Dunnett