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Letters: Sidewalks are meant for the safety of all people walking

Thank you to David Carr for his letter
Cycling brown letter


Re: Stop riding on the sidewalks (Optimist letters, June 3)

Thank you to David Carr for his letter.

I no longer own a bicycle, but do a lot of walking. Up and down 56th in Tsawwassen the traffic travels way faster than the posted 50 km/hr. If I were on a bike I wouldn’t want to be “sharing the road” with these vehicles whipping past. Tandem dump trucks create enough forceful wind to make me pause, even on the safety of the sidewalk; out, on the street, right beside them, I can only envision a tragic outcome!

For this reason I personally do not have a problem with bicyclists “sharing the sidewalk,” however, and this is a non-negotiable stipulation: when passing a pedestrian, please dismount and walk past. My understanding is that this is the law. The sidewalks are meant for the safety of all people walking.

On the dyke, another favourite place to walk, there are also many bikes.

A much wider path than a sidewalk, for sure, but a warning that bikes are approaching from behind is much appreciated. Various things can make a person, or a young child veer off course suddenly.

A bell is generally a good warning signal. When the lead biker goes by and informs me of how many more are in his party, well there’s a well-mannered cyclist.

J. Brown