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Clad in plaid: Delta’s Men in Kilts gets tough cleaning jobs done in good fun

Men in Kilts Surrey’s kilt-wearing cleaning crew are the ones to turn to for your most tough-to-tackle exterior cleaning projects
Men in Kilts offers top-notch residential and commercial exterior cleaning services across Ladner and Metro Vancouver. Photo via Men in Kilts

When was the last time you did a deep clean of your house’s exterior?

With the turning of a new season just around the corner, the time to start thinking about spring cleaning for the outside of your home (and restoring its curb appeal) is now.

“The smart move is to get work done in February and March, so it's all done before the sun comes out and you can enjoy the first good patio weather in a nice clean space,” says Jason Roberts, general manager of the Men in Kilts Surrey franchise, which specializes in exterior cleaning services in Delta, Surrey and White Rock for both residential and commercial properties. 

While you could attempt to do the job yourself, hiring professional cleaning technicians that have the vast experience, thorough processes, and professional grade equipment to do the job well will end up saving your household significant time, money and energy.

With over 20 years of experience, the Men in Kilts cleaning crew can tackle a range of exterior cleaning projects, including window cleaning (for both external windows and internal windows), pressure washing, house washing, roof washing, and moss removal, along with gutter cleaning that comes with a 12 month clog-free warranty.

In addition to the scale and impeccable quality of their work, it’s their brand identity of professional cleaners clad in plaid that makes Men in Kilts stand out. The idea to wear the iconic kilts on the job came from Men in Kilts founder Nicholas Brand, upon a suggestion made by a friend as a way of paying homage to Brand’s Scottish heritage. Brand’s wife Stacey sewed him his first working kilt as a recognizable visual for his window cleaning services, and the rest is history.

Showing up for the job in their signature tartan has become a badge of pride for their kilt clad team of professionals, as well as a source for making personal connections with their clientele.

“Our kilts represent how our organization is cut from another cloth,” says Roberts. “By wearing our tartan, we call attention to ourselves in a way that uniquely distinguishes us and creates a level of accountability. If we can’t live up to the plaid standard, we’re nothing but a gimmick, so we have to exceed expectations.”

“Clients love seeing our team in uniform. They smile and laugh and they tell us their best kilt jokes or Scottish stories. A lot of people tell us about their friends and families with Scottish connections.”

For Men in Kilts Surrey, it is an important cornerstone of the company culture for the team to get involved with the communities they serve by engaging in local events and initiatives. 

Since the early 2000s, the Men In Kilts team has proudly participated in the Steveston Salmon Festival and the Ladner May Days Parade. They have been involved in other community events such as the Tsawwassen Sun Festival, the North Delta Family Days Parade, the LBA Easter Parade, the Ladner Village Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust’s Day at the Farm, along with the annual Ladner Fashion Fest for Camile’s Boutique and Angela’s Boutique as models (in their kilts).

Men in Kilts has also partnered with Delta Gymnastics to sponsor the Delta Invitational and offered their help in local fundraisers and foundations such as the Delta Elementary Super Saver Card and the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation.

“We value the communities we live and work in,” says Roberts. “Because our kilts, like capes, afford us a lot of attention, we have a responsibility to make sure that the example we set is positive.”

For all clients, Men in Kilts will provide a free in-person cleaning estimate, during which a technician will assess the job and provide a service estimate with a firm quote. Seniors and veterans in Delta receive a discount of 15% on services, and, from now until the end of March 2024, all Delta residents can enjoy a special promotion with a waived minimum charge of $300. 

Whether you need your gutters cleaned, windows refreshed, driveway pressure washed, or all of the above, Men in Kilts will leave your property so clean, you'll be shouting "Great Scot!"

Go to to request your free cleaning estimate today.