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The secret to this Vancouver plumbing and heating company’s 48 years of success

For almost half a century, this family-owned business has thrived while dedicating itself to the Metro Vancouver community
Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is celebrating its 48th year of helping the Metro Vancouver community.

It’s tough for any type of business to attract customers. To retain and continually grow a client base for nearly half a century is an achievement very few companies can claim.

But that’s exactly what Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has done. 

Celebrating its 48th year in 2024, Reid Brothers has been providing superior products and services to homes and commercial properties across Metro Vancouver since 1976. 

But what are the keys to their decades of success? 

All in the family

While commemorating 48 years, the Reid Brothers story actually spans further back — three generations, in fact. In 1964, what we now know as Reid Brothers began as W.J. Bowden Plumbing & Heating, founded by Bill Bowden. It was in 1976 that his children — Bill, Julia and Tom — took over the business and changed its name to Reid Brothers. 

“And then, eventually, they all had kids,” says Kyna Marren, Reid Brothers’ managing director, about Bill’s offspring. “Tom’s son, Mike, is our president. And Julia’s sons, Patrick and Kevin, are also partners. So, our business is a true family affair. Bill’s grandchildren are as passionate about providing the best customer service as Bill was more than 50 years ago.”

What became Reid Brothers originally began as a small storefront in Kerrisdale. From there, the business grew, requiring more space, which prompted its expansion to three locations across Kerrisdale.

“We eventually outgrew those as well!” says Marren. “The company moved to Marpole in 2006 and has been there ever since.” 

Reid Brothers’ latest location makes it easily accessible not only to home and business owners in Vancouver, but in Richmond, Delta, South Surrey and White Rock, as well. 

Marren, herself, has played a crucial role in the business’s expansion and success, enhancing the company’s leadership and digital operations while also fostering collaboration amongst the team, enhancing customer experience and engagement through introducing membership programs and promoting the company’s strategic growth.

Leading the transition of the business’s invoicing and account systems online, her contributions helped streamline processes while boosting efficiency. Marren also blazed the trail to online billing, booking and payment portals, greatly improving the customer experience by providing clients with seamless, convenient transaction and appointment options.

Reid Brothers works alongside clients to provide the best, most affordable options for their priorities and preferences. Photo via: Reid Brothers.

Moving with the times

Adopting and adapting modern practices, Reid Brothers has continually expanded and refined its products and services to reflect evolving technology and consumer preferences — especially surrounding sustainability.  

“More than 40 years ago, when Bill, Julia and Tom took over, many customers would have been converting from oil to gas,” explains Marren. “Nowadays, people are learning about heat pumps and other, more sustainable solutions, as well as how Vancouver is aiming to meet the UN’s sustainability goals for 2030 and the many rebates available for those who take part. People are definitely interested in learning how to save money.”

The best value, not the cheapest price

“We’re not trying to be the cheapest people in town,” Marren says. “Our goal is to consistently deliver the best service.” One such advantage is its shared intellectual capital. Reid Brothers employs many people, meaning it has substantial brainpower to solve a wide range of problems.

“We see ourselves as a very elite brand, and so we align ourselves with the best brands that provide the best performance for our customers,” Marren continues. “Plus, we employ the only specialists in our area who are trained directly by the brands we sell, such as Navien and Trane, who make superior heating and hot water equipment. We have a culture of being excited about constantly learning, which allows us to be the best that we can be.”

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