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This Delta bike retailer offers the ultimate eBike experience for active aging

Whether you’re looking to get back on a bike or simply need an extra push, Pedego Delta is the perfect way to ride, live, and love longer
Photo via Pedego Electric Bikes Delta

As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, many are seeking a fun and engaging way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’d like to explore on two wheels, look no further than Pedego Delta. As the premier eBike service in Delta, Pedego's mission is to provide riders with an enjoyable and engaging eBike experience that helps cyclists ride longer, live longer, and love longer.

Firm in their belief that cycling is for everyone, Pedego Delta's diverse customer base comprises active aging adults aged 45+, couples who are empty-nesters and looking for a new pastime in retirement. With Pedego Delta's electric bikes, cycling has never been easier or more accessible, allowing their customers to rediscover the joy of cycling at any age or skill level.

"The most surprising thing for me is just how amazing and adaptable people are and how they want to ride a bike no matter what their ability or conditions exist," says Murray Pratt, president of Pedego Delta.

"I am still amazed by the man – who had one arm – who rode 40 km. I loved figuring out what bike and how we could give him an experience," he describes. "The most fulfilling experience I witnessed was a family that bought a tandem bike so that the couple could ride with their daughter, who has Down Syndrome."

The perks of going electric

Pratt explains that eBiking is to cycling what sports like Pickle Ball are to tennis, in that they allow you to enjoy something you thought you might have to give up as you age. Not only that, but it provides a way to experience the classic thrill of riding a bike, but with a little help here and there to push riders that extra mile.

He emphasizes that eBiking is not a replacement for traditional biking but rather a complementary experience. Customers can choose to ride their Pedego with or without electricity and without the battery if they so choose. Many of Pedego Delta's customers ride both traditional and electric bikes.

"An eBike experience doesn't necessarily replace the experience of riding a traditional bike," Pratt explains. "People can do both in their lives. There is a myth that somehow riding an eBike is akin to 'cheating' on oneself when you are riding a bike. You can ride a Pedego with or without electricity and with or without the battery! It's your choice. Many of our customers ride both types of bikes."

The West Coast lifestyle is all about getting outdoors, and Pedego Delta aims to remove some of the barriers preventing older folks from hopping on their bikes and immersing themselves in the stunning landscapes our province offers. 

What sets Pedego Delta apart is its focus on the eBiking lifestyle. Still, it doesn't just stop at selling eBikes. Pedego also offers rentals and creates eBike adventures, helping customers enjoy a variety of eBike experiences around the bay or over to one of the Gulf Islands. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer questions and provide advice on eBiking. Whether you're looking for a comfortable cruise along Boundary Bay Dyke (only five minutes from the shop!) or something more challenging, Pedego Delta offers the right eBike experience for you.

Pedego Delta's customer-centric approach creates a welcoming environment for eBikers, offering a range of models and styles to choose from, recognizing that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to eBiking.

The team is also known for their top-notch customer service, with staff trained to provide the best possible experience for customers. They will help you choose the perfect eBike, train you on how to ride it safely and coach you on how to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

"It's not about the bike," Pratt says. "It's about the experiences that the people in our community have on their bikes."

Pedego Delta can be found in Tsawwassen Southlands near the Red Barn, next door to Prados Café.

For more info on Pedego Delta or to inquire about rentals, schedule a test ride, and learn more about the benefits of eBiking, visit