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This under-the-radar marina is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest

Emerging as a top destination just below the B.C. border, Point Roberts offers unmatched ocean access, affordability, and a burgeoning community for boaters

Nestled just below the British Columbia border, Point Roberts Marina is emerging as a hidden gem for boaters in the Pacific Northwest, offering immediate access to the open waters of the Strait of Georgia. 

This marina, with its unique geographical location and array of amenities, is poised to become a favoured destination for boaters seeking adventure, convenience, and community. So, you’ll want to get in before all spots are filled!

Prime location for boating enthusiasts

Point Roberts Marina stands out for its unparalleled proximity to open waters, a feature that greatly enhances the boating experience. 

"In our marina, the ocean is right at our front door,” describes Zihao Ding, a representative of the port. “Big yachts/sailboats or small fishing boats can all enjoy fishing, sailing, or simply cruising in the ocean freely.” 

This immediate access to the sea contrasts sharply with many marinas around Vancouver, where boaters often face a lengthy and costly journey just to reach open water.

An affordable haven with no waitlists

The marina's competitive edge extends beyond its location. With hundreds of boat slips available and no waitlist, Point Roberts Marina offers an attractive alternative to the congested and pricey marinas in the Vancouver area. 

"Most marinas around Vancouver have years-long waiting lists and much more expensive rates," Ding says, highlighting the marina's appeal to budget-conscious boaters and those frustrated by the lack of available slips elsewhere.

Photo via: Point Roberts Marina.

Fuel savings and competitive pricing

Another significant advantage for boaters at Point Roberts Marina is the opportunity to fuel up at USA gas prices, which are notably lower than those in B.C. due to lower tax rates. 

"A small percentage difference in gas price can go a long way long term," Ding describes, acknowledging the importance of fuel affordability for power boat owners who require large quantities of fuel.

Despite its prime location and amenities, Point Roberts Marina has managed to maintain competitive pricing by minimizing overhead costs and focusing on raising awareness of this under-the-radar locale. 

"We have kept our pricing unchanged since 2017," Ding says, emphasizing the marina's commitment to affordability and value.

Fostering a sense of community

Beyond its practical advantages, Point Roberts Marina is dedicated to creating a welcoming and communal atmosphere for its patrons. The marina operates with a family-oriented approach, offering perks like free use of the club room for personal events and secure package holding for absentee tenants. 

"It's the small things we take care of for our customers," Ding says, highlighting the personalized service that contributes to the marina's warm and inviting environment.

Looking to the future

As Point Roberts Marina continues to enhance its facilities, with a full dock replacement underway and the first group of new docks expected by the end of the year, the future looks bright for this coastal haven. 

With its blend of prime location, affordability, and community spirit, Point Roberts Marina is well-positioned to attract a diverse community of boaters from the B.C. and Washington area, offering them a gateway to the rich boating experiences of the Pacific Northwest.

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