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Vibrant seniors’ communities are the future of retirement living

Bria Communities offers unique homes where seniors feel safe, comfortable and valued

Seniors have many choices to make as they consider where they’ll live in their retirement years.

Increasingly, seniors are opting for independent seniors’ communities for the significant advantages they offer to residents and their families.

Bria Communities offers unique homes where seniors feel safe, comfortable and valued for. Carefully crafted common spaces, courtyards, and gardens create vibrant senior living environments.

All-inclusive amenities allow seniors to relax and enjoy life to the fullest while Bria Communities takes care of all the details.

Two of Bria Communities’ Tsawwassen homes, The Waterford and The Wexford, are welcoming new residents to move in this spring.

These homes are adapting and progressing to serve seniors and their families. Here’s how The Waterford and The Wexford are creating living solutions where seniors can thrive:

Excellent service

“We try to make life as simple as possible for residents and their families by going the extra mile,” Jane Bryce, general manager of The Wexford says.

“That can mean organizing a birthday party for a resident on behalf of a family member, providing a bouquet for a special anniversary, or providing tech support for their computers, tablets and smartphones.”

Homes include a concierge service that covers everything from personal laundry to courtesy shuttles.

Offering choices

Bria Communities wants mealtime to be one of the highlights of the day, and choice plays a major role in that. A variety of choices at meal times gives seniors the opportunity to pick their favourite offering from the menus prepared by Red Seal chefs.

The Wexford and The Waterford also ensure a choice of recreation and social activities. Staff are open and flexible and adapt to resident requests to support multiple events and services at the same time.

As an added bonus choice, this spring they are introducing the Bria Bonus program for new residents. New residents are able to choose from one of six gifts of $500 value. Choices include a SmartTV, air conditioning unit, or iPad.

Responsive to resident requests

“We have a number of ways that residents are able to speak out about their preferences or requests,” Matthew Jackson, general manager of The Waterford says.

“My door is always open to residents and their family members. This is our residents’ home and I want them to know that their voices matter here.”

Yearly satisfaction surveys, combined with an accountable and responsive approach to feedback, ensure residents are always heard. They’re also able to contribute via resident councils, town halls and regular staff chats.


Bria Communities’ recreation teams are constantly engaging in community projects to stay connected to the community outside its doors and residents are active participants in it.

This past year, knitters in The Wexford worked on the COVID-19 memorial blanket project, and produced dozens of squares, each of which represented a Canadian who passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Technology first

“Our safety and security systems use technology that doesn’t just protect seniors, but also makes their lives easier,” Jackson says.

“For instance, state-of-the-art keyless door locks are easy for seniors to use, inexpensive to replace, are customizable, and best of all provide peace of mind for seniors who want assurance of privacy.”

“Good Morning” buttons differentiate Bria Communities from others in that this added safety feature is a way for the staff to know every morning that seniors are up and ready for a great new day. From kitchens to reception, to resident support and education, technology plays a key role in creating a positive resident experience.

Creating spaces for seniors to flourish

When seniors move into a Bria Community, they are surrounded by friends, have a large variety of options for active living, and are supported in all endeavours.

“I see it again and again as new residents move in—they develop a lightness in their step. The weight of caring for a home or a spouse’s additional needs falls away. They’re free to enjoy their hobbies, socialize to their hearts’ content, and not worry about the details of everyday life,” Bryce says.

“It’s like watching a flower bloom.”

Schedule a safe tour today by visiting and discover what makes life at The Waterford and The Wexford different.