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Young adults turn to jobs that reflect their values for meaningful career fulfillment

More than a paycheque, Sources Community Resources Centres delivers job satisfaction and rewarding opportunities

The pandemic has led young people to rethink their priorities when it comes to re-entering the workforce or making decisions about their next move within the job market in a markedly changed economy.

Mediacorp Canada Inc., organizers of the annual Canada's Top 100 Employers competition, recently released their 2022 report. Their research discovered that young people increasingly want to work for employers that reflect their moral principles and help them increase their social impact.

According to Mediacorp, young people are re-evaluating what's important to them, for instance, does the prospective job fulfill their passion, or provide connection that aligns with their values beyond just employment. They also indicate that employees feel pride when they give back to their community through projects and job opportunities most commonly associated with non-profits.

The non-profit, Sources Community Resources Centres (Sources) has been attracting many individuals looking for a lifelong profession, particularly those who are strong advocates of social wellness for everyone at every stage of life. For example, a Sources community living worker position is an opportunity that provides a path to a fulfilling and meaningful career. It’s not just a job and it’s much more than just a paycheque.

Those looking for this kind of fulfilment can make a difference in a variety of roles at Sources as they learn new knowledge and skills and deliver an array of programs and services to help people. As a multi-service agency, Sources delivers programs from food security and homelessness prevention to community living and employment readiness.

More selective on jobs

With a lens on B.C., the unemployment rate has reached 6.9 percent, indicating a surplus of job openings, which may be motivating young people to hold out before committing to a job that doesn't resonate with them, and even weighing terms like little flexibility or no benefits.

As Metro Vancouver's local labour market recovery continues, many businesses and organizations are feeling immense pressure to attract talent and fill positions.

Career opportunities exist at Sources in fields that speak to the exact ideals that young adults have expressed and which reflect their emerging interests. It's clear that Gen Z and early Millennials want to make a difference and look to employers with corporate values and accountabilities on issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sources welcomes people of all genders, races, cultures, ethnicities, and abilities. A significant portion of staff members have a tenured history with the organization, which is a testament of how well the organization treats their people who choose to venture into this line of work.

Rich and rewarding career

Giving back to the community can be a rewarding and enriching experience. The opportunity to support positive experiences in life for people—including individuals with developmental disabilities—can be just as fruitful as the monetary returns.

"We connect people to critical community resources through services such as food banks, employment programs, substance use supports, counselling, services for women’s residential and community inclusion programs," says Christine Conlin, director of Community Living Services. "We have resource centres not just in Delta, but all over, so the career opportunities with Sources is incredible."

Additionally, opportunities available to young people are far-reaching. If somebody wants to learn about community living and expand their career, perhaps into counselling or something else, Sources have those kind of mentorship opportunities.

Sources is currently hiring for community living workers. If this is something that sounds like a good fit for you, a career with the organization could be the right path.

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