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Delta throwback: Chisholm Street

The current city council is pushing for changes in the village
A view of a lot across the street from Massey’s Machine Shop. The building is still there, covered in vines and unused for years.

Let’s head back to the April 1968 pages of the Optimist to see a view of Chisholm Street in Ladner Village.

Fast forward to now and the city has been pushing hard for the revitalization of Ladner Village over the recent years. It consists of two initiatives: the Ladner waterfront redevelopment strategy and the Ladner Village Official Community Plan (OCP) update.

The OCP has been updated, while changes are still on the horizon for the waterfront area.

The city last year hired a consultant team to help shape the Ladner Waterfront Public Lands Development Strategy and Chisholm Street Reconfiguration Project, a site redevelopment strategy and concept for the revitalization of Delta-owned lands along the waterfront at Chisholm Street.

It was also one of the key recommendations by the Ladner Village Renewal Advisory Committee.

The primary focus will be the former Seven Seas site, along with developing options to reconfigure Chisholm Street and allow for future dike raising along the entire length of the street.

The renewal committee recommended commissioning the study to further examine options including narrowing Chisholm Street and converting it to a one-way street as well as adding the portion of the unused right-of-way to upland parcels to increase the developable area of lots on the north side.