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Delta throwback: Housewives protest high meat prices

Almost 10 housewives were actively recruiting and helping organize the campaign
South Delta women boycotting meat counters look to fish counters as an alternative. From left: I’Lee Tara, manager of South Delta Fish Market providing a lesson in preparation for Mrs. Bruce Hooper and Mrs. William Brewer.

Beat the meat prices, don’t buy it.

That was the motto in the summer of 1969 of Mrs. Herbert Robinson of South Delta, who was spearheading a meat counter boycott campaign for lower prices.

“We are pledging not to buy meat until meat prices are greatly reduced,” she told the Optimist.

Robinson said she had collected in a petition hundreds of names of shoppers in South Delta over a two-week period, and businesses were cooperating by posting petitions in their stores.

The boycott spread to White Rock and Lions Bay, she said.

To encourage petition signers to stick to their written word, meatless cookbooks were handed out.

“Anyone can do without meat,” Robinson claimed.

Housewives continually complain about meat prices to their husbands and neighbours but never did anything about it, she stressed.