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Delta throwback: Ladner's schoolhouse

Many prominent names among the students
ladner Public School 1897
A small remodeled vintage home currently occupies the site of the original Ladner Public School.

Let’s head back in time to Ladner in 1897 and visit the Ladner Public School.

The above photograph shows two images of the school with the image below showing teachers

Mrs. Maud MacDonald and Ms. Maude Beadleston with students at the front entrance of the schoolhouse.

The school was built on what was called Westham Street at the present location of 4840 48th Avenue.

The schoolhouse was sold to Bereford Eyton in 1901.

He converted the building into a duplex in 1905.

Many of the kids had well-known last names in the group and they would go on to be important figures in the community.

Some of them included Alice Ladner, Felix and Josephine Guichon, Florence Kirkland, Edgar and Scott Fenton, Truman Oliver and Marvel Skinner.