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Delta throwback: Let's play Buck Buck

The game was also referred to as ‘Johnny Ride a Pony’
Left to right: Gary Radymski, Berni Protsch, Ted Baker, John Tobin, Ken Dinnes, Dwight Ruddick and Mike Whelen.

Let’s take a trip back to the May 1968 pages of the Delta Optimist to see a group of youths playing an old game called Buck Buck.

The game had several versions including one in which one group of players climbed onto the backs of a second group in order to build as large a pile as possible or cause the other players to collapse.

The game had a bit of a revival thanks to Bill Cosby making reference to it on television and his recordings.

Cosby's 1967 Grammy Award-winning stand-up comedy album Revenge, based on his childhood memories, includes a track "Buck Buck" where he describes playing the game as a youngster.

The character Fat Albert is introduced for the first time on that track.