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Delta throwback: Students were 'ambassadors'

Attended by millions, Expo ‘74 was the first environmentally themed World's Fair
The school had 122 students attend the event in Spokane.

Let’s head back to June 1974 when all the Grade six pupils at South Park Elementary took a bus trip to the World’s Fair in Spokane, Washington.

They took three buses and spent five days at the event, billeted with elementary school children in the state.

The trip cost $3,000, which was raised through events organized by students and donations from parents.

Teacher Ann McDonald, who organized the visit, told the Optimist that the trip was a “total success” and the students learned a lot about ecology, geography and geology.

“Everyone bent over backwards to help us. There was a tremendous cultural exchange,” she said.

During their stay, the students twice appeared on U.S. television to speak about their experiences.

“We could not have asked for better ambassadors for Canada,” added McDonald.