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Here's how COVID-19 affected the City of Delta's development activity last year

The city issued 518 building permits for single-family dwellings, another 112 for secondary suites while 252 new multi-family units were approved
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The City of Delta received almost 160 land development applications in 2020.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, application and development activity in the City of Delta was strong in 2020.

That’s according to building permit and land use statistics released by the planning department, which indicates there was a substantial increase in development inquiries, while the number of building permits issued was also high.

At 1,904 permits issued, building permits and plumbing permits for new construction and renovations in 2020 saw the biggest number of permits issued in the last five years.

Permit volumes increased by 11 per cent from 2019 when 1,713 building permits were issued.

On average, 158 permits were issued monthly in 2020.

Land development applications, meanwhile, increased by seven per cent from 2019.

The planning department notes the number of applications was lower in 2019 and 2020 than in prior years, but that decrease is primarily attributable to the elimination of the North Delta development permit process for single-detached homes and the adoption of a new zoning bylaw.

Many development files are of a more complex nature such as multi-family proposals in each of Delta's three communities, the department notes.

As far as queries at the city’s application centre, those peaked in December 2020, the highest volume recorded for the month.

The application centre responded to 2,380 queries that month, a 222 per cent increase from December 2019.

COVID-19, the city hall closure and an increase in home sales in Delta were contributing factors to the increase in queries, according to the planning department.

The planning department also notes the building permit construction value for 2020 was approximately $290 million, which is consistent with the value trend for the previous two years.