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Here's what's now pitched for North Delta Inn site

The North Delta Inn site has been vacant since the old hotel on the property was torn down a few years ago
north delta inn site
Construction is now underway for a separate condominium development next door to the vacant North Delta Inn property. Another separate condominium project is proposed for the former gas station property on Scott Road fronting the NDI site.

A new development plan is being pitched for a North Delta site with a long history of controversy.

The owners of the vacant North Delta Inn property at the corner of Scott Road and 70th Avenue have submitted preliminary plans for a proposed mixed-use development.

It would include three, six-storey buildings with a total of 243 residential units as well as 11,712 square-feet of ground level commercial space.

No rental housing is proposed.

In late 2019, a previous development concept for the property was discussed by council, which proposed a mixed-use development that included a total of 432 residential units and some commercial and public amenity space.

That previous plan included a six-storey rental building on the west portion of the site, a 24-storey building in the middle of the site and a 29-storey building on the east portion of the site.

The owners have since reduced the heights to comply with the six-storey height limit, which resulted from the recommendations of the Mayor's Housing Task Force for Scott Road.

However, the proposed floor space ratio is still greater than that of the new designation for the property.

A report to council notes staff have advised the owners that they should incorporate additional public open space into the project so that it is more in line with the vision for the new so-called “Garden District” designation.

If the owners were to submit a development application based on the current development concept for the site, an Official Community Plan amendment could be required as a result of the project's density, the report notes.

The owners are to further revise the plans and are required to hold a public information meeting by May 30, 2021.

A complete development application has to be submitted to the city by Sept. 30, 2021.

The owners, meantime, would be allowed to continue having their temporary licence for the liquor store fronting the property until 2022.

Staff also note that at the time of a formal application, a recommendation would be brought forward to council regarding a proposed parks, recreation and culture amenity contribution.