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Great gifts for gardeners

The right present will be enjoyed for years to come
Cruising the backwaters of Kerala

Cruising the backwaters of Kerala

More to Nevada beyond the Strip

More to Nevada beyond the Strip

Desert a place of beauty, colourful legends, wildlife and cowboys

Many uses for pumpkin crops

Pumpkins are an integral part of Halloween today just as they were in the pioneer times of North America, although the food and celebrations have now become far more theatrical and macabre.

Hybrids provide savings without having to plug in

Hybrid electric vehicles combine the internal combustion engine and fuel tank of a conventional vehicle with an electric motor powered by a battery.

Tire maintenance key to staying safe

Maintaining a vehicle is a great way to stay safe on the road while extending the car's life. Routine maintenance can keep a car running like new for years as long as vehicle owners stay on top of things and stick to a maintenance schedule.

Gauge offers fuel feedback

Many drivers have reported they use up to 15 per cent less fuel by acting on the feedback they get from an instantaneous fuel consumption gauge. If your vehicle does not have a display, it may be possible to install one.

Let efficiency fuel next purchase

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, you might want to consider buying the most fuel-efficient one that meets your needs. Follow these tips to help you make an informed decision: .

Fall leaves pose hazard

Autumn is the pictureperfect time of year when many drivers take to the road to view the colours. The leaves are beautiful to see, but when wet or in piles on the roads, they present driving hazards unique to the season.

Scary noises shouldn!t be coming from vehicle

Halloween is the time of year for squeals, squeaks, screeches and things that go bump in the night, but when these eerie and haunted sounds come from your car, it's time for maintenance. Noise is to the vehicle what pain is to the body: a warning.
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