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New fees coming for City of Delta rec facilities

Delta staff say fees for parks and recreation programs and drop-ins are set based on a number of variables
delta parks & recreation facilities
The City of Delta has resumed its review of the parks and recreation fee structure.

Discussions are now underway on changes to fees for Delta’s parks and recreation facilities.

That’s according to a staff memo from the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission which notes a review of the fee structure has resumed.

The outcome of the review includes several principles that have already been set including non-Delta residents and organizations paying more than Delta-based residents and groups, while membership rates for seniors will be the same as children and family rates.

Another change includes the definition of “Super Seniors” changed to “Older Adults” while those who receive free admission to the City of Delta's recreation and culture facilities will be lowered to 75 years and older.

In response to a letter last fall from a resident complaining about the current COVID-19 fee structure, saying the new cost is more expensive for anyone using recreation facilities every day, staff noted that fees for the use of a recreation facility pre-pandemic covered approximately 30 per cent of the cost of providing the service.

During COVID-19, the current flat fee system represents a smaller portion of the cost of operating a facility.

The staff memo also noted that, on average, individuals and families used recreation facilities less than 10 times per month pre-COVID-19.

The new flat fee applied during COVID-19 of $5 for an adult and $4 for a child is a lower cost alternative, the memo explained.

“In setting the fees under the COVID-19 model, staff considered how the majority of people actually use the facilities and set fees that benefitted the maximum number of individuals,” the parks staff noted.

However, staff also acknowledge the current COVID-19 fee structure can be more expensive than the previous pass system.

“A senior patron averaging 12.5 days of usage per month or 40% of all available time pays $62.50 per month under the single admission rate during COVID-19. In comparison, the cost would have been $44.67 per month by purchasing a three-month pass in pre-COVID-19 times.”